Our Mission

OmniGSoft is committed to provide a broad range of cross-platform, graphics-intensive, high-performance software development tools and relevant entertainment software products intended to cater to the needs of software professionals and end-users. OmniGSoft focuses on the handheld and mobile devices entertainment software market.

Our Values

We understand the new wave of so-called 'convergency' and the booming in consumer electronics market. We also realize today's software developers are facing bigger challenge due to the vast variety of device platforms. We provide a universal development tool to bridge the gap between fast-growing market and slow reaction due to the diversity of devices. To realize this, OmniGraphics, our flagship product is dedicated to reduce the work effort by a universal programming interface.

Our Mobile Games

OmniGSoft offers a rich set of mobile games including shooting, combat, racing, sports and adventure games. We are working hard on new game titles and new mobile platforms, check our website regularly to get updated information.
Please refer to product page for detailed information on our game titles.

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