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Mini-Jetfight - 3D mobile air combat game features famous supersonic jet fighters

Provided by OmniG Software Inc., Graphics Engine Powered by OmniGraphics.
Mini-Jetfight is a mobile Air Combat game featuring the seven most famous supersonic jet fighters, from F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon to Su-27 Flanker. Each jet fighter is armed with air-to-air missiles and a cannon for close-up combat. Mini-Jetfight is the most realistic modern Air Combat game on PDAs and smartphones.

F15 Eagle

F16 Falcon

F18 Hornet

Mig29 Fulcrum

Mig31 Foxhound

Mirage 2000

Su27 Flanker

Most Realistic Modern Air Combat Game for Windows Mobile

Feel the Excitement of High Altitude, High Speed and Highly Maneuverable Jet Fighters

Experience the Breathtaking Modern Air Combat with Air-to-Air Missiles

Protect Yourself by Smart Maneuvers and Launching Missile Lures

Realistic Head-Up Display and Sophisticated Camera Views

Realistic Aerodynamics Simulation

Live video recording and replay

Note: Screenshots and movie in this page are rendered by OpenGL or OpenGL ES .