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Pocket PC ARM CPU, Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/5.0/6 Buy Here Free Trial
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Smartphone ARM CPU, Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/5.0/6 Buy Here Free Trial
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Speed City - A 3D Underground Racing Game for Pocket PC and Smartphone

Provided by OmniG Software Inc., Game Engine Powered by OmniGraphics.

Taste the Spirit of Mobile Generation, Feel the Pulse of Speed City!

A 3D street racing game inspired by the rebel motorcycle subculture. Master your tremendous speed machine as you hug curves and burn through the sleek nighttime streets of the glittering city.

A Cool Game Burns Your Pocket PC to White Hot

Stunning city scenes, lifelike physics simulation, exciting street racing... What else? you taste it!
Reminding: SpeedCity is designed with the heaviest ever 3D graphics for mobile game. In terms of 3D graphics, it may render thousands of triangles in a single frame. For playable 3D rendering (frame rate), a Pocket PC with 400+ MHz Intel® PXA 255 / 26x / 27x or compatible processor is required.

2700G Multimedia Accelerator Support Coming Soon

Intel® 2700G Multimedia Accelerator generates game console like 3D graphics and smoother animation on Pocket PCs like Dell X50v. Soon this new feature will be offered / shipped as free upgrade by e-mail to full version purchasers.

Free Upgrade Available: Buy our games now, enjoy free upgrade forever!

Note: 1. Original electronic purchase receipt is required. 2. Free upgrade is applicable for the same game. 3. Check our website regularly to get new release information.

Speed City - Old Mediterranean

Speed City - Pearl of Orient

Speed City - Metro Pacific

Note: Screenshots and movie in this page are created by Speed City with OpenGL ® or OpenGL ES ® rendering.