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Note: this page is not updated for the latest technical information about OmniGraphics, please contact us at contact@omnigsoft.com for latest information.


The original incentive of OmniGraphics project is creating an easy-to-use, human-intuitive and reusable graphics library for software developer, to quickly create interactive, rich graphics application and game software. After years of evolution, more functionalities for 2D and 3D graphics manipulation have been implemented, and more programming language, operating system and hardware acceleration support have been added. 

Particularly, seeing the significant popularity of mobile device in consumer electronic market in recent year, OmniGraphics has been regrouped into different editions to support vast variety devices, such as desktop PC, handheld PDA, or cell-phone.


Efficient and easy-to-use

Powered by object-oriented programming language and advanced software development technologies, OmniGraphics is constructed with high-level graphics commands which hides the tenebrous low-level graphics routine calling for developer, and changes the codes into descriptive instructions.


Powered by advanced 2D and 3D graphics technology and hardware acceleration, OmniGraphics is suitable for creating any graphics application requiring maximum performance, from 2D image to 3D real-time animation, CAD/CAM/CAE, medical imaging, entertainment or any kind of visual simulation. Also for a specific device, OmniGraphics always tries to gain maximum performance by exploiting the device-specific optimization techniques.

Portable and scalable

OmniGraphics is constructed with high-level graphics commands and provides developer a consistent and intuitive programming interface in portable languages such as C++ and Java, for different device ranging from Desktop PC to PDA ( Windows Mobile, Palm ) and cell-phone. As a result,  after finish one version of application, the developers can quickly derive a new version running on different device. OmniGraphics is a cost-effective solutions for graphics-intensive application.


EDITIONS Desktop PC Edition Java Edition Windows Mobile Edition Palm Edition Mobile Phone Edition
Win32 edition DirectX edition .NET edition
Programming Language C/C++ C/C++ C#, VB, JScript, J# Java C/C++ C/C++ Java
Device Desktop/Laptop PC Desktop/Laptop PC Desktop/Laptop PC Java-enabled Computer Windows Mobile Palm PDA Java ME Mobile Phone
Operating System Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP Windows 9x/2K/XP Windows 2K/XP Java-enabled OS/Browser Windows CE 3+ Palm OS 3.5+  
Additional Runtime Environment Requirement   DirectX 8 DirectX 8 Java VM 1.1+     Java ME CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0
Web-embedding Support Internet Explorer 5+, As SctiveX Control Internet Explorer 5+, As SctiveX Control Internet Explorer 6+, As .NET WinForms Netscape 4+, Internet Explorer 4+, As Java Applet      
Hardware Acceleration Support          
Raster Graphics Support  Sprite
2D Graphic    
3D Graphic    
Vector Graphics Support Inherits from GDI Inherits from GDI Inherits from GDI.NET Inherits from Java2D Inherits from GDI Inherits from Palm OS Inherits from Java ME
Game Programming Support Sound / Music
Network Support for Multiplayer      
Recommended IDE Tools Visual C++ Visual C++ Visual Studio .NET JBuilder, VisualAge for Java, VisualCafe, Kawa, Visual J++ eMbedded Visual C++ CodeWarrior for Palm, Falch.net DeveloperStudio JBuilder MobileSet, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Forte for Java

Edition Minimum Sys Requirements How to Get
Win32 Edition Pentium II, 200 MHz Intel CPU, 32M RAM, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP Download
Windows Mobile Edition Windows Mobile, ARM CPU, 32M RAM, Windows Mobile 2000/2002/2003/5.0 Download
Palm OS Edition Palm PDA, Palm OS 3.5 Coming Soon
Java Edition Java VM / Runtime 1.1.8 Coming Soon

The Showcase of OmniGraphics

This Demonstration shows you the major funcationalities of OmniGraphics Engine. There is some minor difference among different versions of OmniGraphics Engine, the introduction in this page is mostly prepared according to Win32 and Windows Mobile edition.

Demo: GUI Construction

This demo shows you: Sprite Graphics, Interactive GUI construction based on Sprite, Using of templates to build up scene, Sprite-based GUI component such as hyper link, command button, radio button, checkbox, Loading and using sound in template.

Demo: Image Transform

This demo shows you: 2D image transformation, such as rotation, scale, flipping, mirroring, Texture Animation.

Demo: Fishes

This demo shows you: 2D image rendering effect, such as alpha channel, transparency, emissive color. Using 2D-based graphics to build up a scene.

Demo: F15 Fighter

This demo shows you: Loading 3D Model from a 3DS file, 3D rendering effect such as chrome-surface with specular color and reflection mapping, Transparent material rendering, Front plane clipping on 3D model.

Demo: Clock and Cups

This demo shows you: 3D rendering effect such as specular color, tansparency, reflection map, alpha channel.

Demo: Solar System

This demo shows you: Emissive color, LOD object for real-time rendering improvement, Back plane clipping, Environment-disabled object, Dynamic light map building.

Demo: Billboard and Animation

This demo shows you: Billboard objects along a axis or on a point, Texture animator and model animator, Object's clone.

Demo: Elephant

This demo shows you: Loading a very huge 3D model to test the maximum 3D rendering performance and run-time memory consumption.

Demo: A Simple Flight Simulation

This demo shows you: Building a 3D game prototype with OmniGraphics, Game Button Control, 3D Camera, Natural Scene Construction, Environment Effect, Kinetic characteristic simulation, 3D model collision detection.